America at 250 Series

The American Revolution remains unfinished. Early revolutionaries engaged in deep debates about how voices are heard and what liberty looks like. While the founding generation set forth one set of answers to these questions, they did not resolve the debates. Every subsequent generation has continued to grapple with these fundamental questions.

Now it’s our turn.

A velvet belt embellished with beads and stones, tied around a blue garment.

Protesting Unfreedom:

Cultural Belongings of Black and Indigenous Histories in Early America

Explore and engage with this online exhibit that highlights the voices of creators and scholars responding to cultural belongings of Black and Indigenous historical narratives.

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National Park Service Article

Protest at Faneuil Hall

During the struggle to desegregate Boston Public schools in the 1970s, activists rallied and protested throughout the city, including at many historic sites that now compromise the National Parks of Boston. Activists on both sides of the desegregation issue seized upon the power of place and the upcoming bicentennial of the country in 1976 to assert their voices and claim America’s revolutionary legacy as their own.

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